In Zakłady Magnezytowe “ROPCZYCE” S.A. we have been producing refractory materials since 1975. We are constantly expanding our offer with new groups of products and at the same time developing research facilities.

In 2014, as a result of a project co-financed by the European Union, we established the Research and Development Centre for Ceramic Materials. The Centre is made up of qualified specialists who, thanks to the combination of knowledge and experience, provide their customers with comprehensive service. The main scope of activities of the Centre focuses on supervision over current production, design of new construction and material solutions, modification of existing ones and supervision over installation of materials in thermal devices.

Our specialists are constantly improving their products, which is a response to the growing needs and the need to adapt to dynamic market changes. A constant contact with the customer allows us to constantly analyze and react immediately to any problems that arise.

Our professional research facilities enable us to conduct experiments on a laboratory and semi-industrial scale. Richly equipped laboratories: technological, physical, chemical, phase tests and thermomechanical tests allow us to examine all implemented products and perform Post Mortem analyses. They provide, among other things, information on how products wear and tear and indicate the way of extending their service life.

Lately, we have purchased a SEM – Scanning electron microscope, which is a device that will allow us to grade the microstructure of analysed refractories materials.Thanks to specifically picked out detectors we will be able to evaluate composition of elemental microenvironments. Intuitive and rich software will allow technologists to look inside the material and quickly appraise it.

Apart from experimental methods, we also conduct model simulations with the use of computer programs. In the field of numerical calculations we use thermochemical software (FactSage), CFD and MES (Comsol, Ansys Fluent) calculation software and symbolic calculation software (Maple).