Zakłady Magnezytowe ”ROPCZYCE” S.A. fully identifies with the idea of corporate social responsibility. Its interests are includes both in our nearer and further environment of operation. We actively participate in initiatives that serve the economic and social development of the region with whom we are bound by virtue of the location of our business.


In the years 2010-2012 for the implementation of local initiatives (including: religious purposes, voluntary and public fire brigades, local associations involved in social activities in general) we donated about 106 thousand zlotys.


We are not indifferent to those in need in unfortunate situations and institutions engaged in charitable activities. For this purpose we provided in 2010-2012 an amount totaling nearly 27 thousand zlotys.


The company is one of the donors of the St. Padre Pio Foundation Hospital in Sedziszow Młp that collects funds for the implementation of prevention, specialist and hospital treatment programs. In 2011-2012 we paid into the account of the Foundation the amount of 20,000 PLN for the purchase of medical equipment.


An active blood donors club operates in our company. Each year a gala meeting of blood donors (employees of companies in the group) is organized, which is an expression of gratitude for their extraordinary generosity and promotes the idea of voluntary blood donation.


A unique collaboration connects Zakład Magnezytowych ”ROPCZYCE” S.A. with the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy (AMM) in Krakow, which was initiated already during the formation of the plant, in the 1970s. Graduates of AMM steadily expand their staff specializing in the field of refractory ceramics.

We enable students of this university to take part in an apprenticeships program, and carry out thesis work and internships.

The company is associated with AMM in a creative collaboration in a number of directions. The main plank of this cooperation is the exchange of knowledge and experiences between academia and industry. This is served by many conferences and training courses, the organization of which we participate in, as well as conducting laboratory-specialized research. In recent years, cooperation has adopted a much broader scope, because AMM has been a partner in research and development (R & D) under the innovative projects POIG and Innotech.

In addition ZMR SA was one of the initiators of the “Memorandum of Cooperation” signed between the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy and the Fr. Dr. Jan Zwierz School in Ropczyce. The purpose of the agreement is to conduct close and long-standing cooperation towards better preparing students for university courses leading to work in our company.

Responding to the needs of local educational institutions we give funding for teaching aids, educational enrichment programs, as well as for carrying out necessary repair work. In 2010-2012 our support in this area amounted to nearly 12 thousand PLN.


We participate in the organization of cultural events, mostly in the local area.

  • In 2012, in connection with the celebration of the 650th anniversary of the granting of municipal rights to Ropczyce, we provided financial support in the implementation of the jubilee program.
  • “The Days of Ropczyce”, traditionally held for many years, and the International Blacksmiths Fair, are events consistently supported financially by our company.
  • We provided funds for organizing an event with the participation of children with disabilities called “Wielopolandia” in Wielopole Skrzyńskie.
  • With our financial support a Pontifical Oratory Ceremony titled “Santo Subito” was held in the Basilica of St. Matthew in Mielec.

We supported the organizers of cultural events in 2010-2012 to the amount of approximately 20 thousand zlotys.

We partake in activities to promote sport, including amateur. We support initiatives designed to activate physical movement, especially taken in the school environment.
In 2010-2012 we provided for this purpose 45 thousand zlotys.


Cooperation with industry and business is a proven form of exchange of experience and creating joint initiatives and projects.
We belong to the following organizations:

  • Association of Refractories Manufacturers
  • European Association of Refractories Manufacturers
  • Metallurgical Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Academic and Economic Association of Metallurgy
  • Polish Ceramic Society
  • Association of Engineers and Technicians in the Metallurgical Industry
  • Association of Engineers and Technicians of Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Chamber of Commerce in Rzeszów
  • Business Centre Club
  • Association of Polish Inventors and Innovators
  • Association of Listed Companies

Capital market institutions