Shareholder Number of shares The total number of votes
corresponding to the number
of shares of ZMR SA
Shareholdres agreement 2.068.418 33,04%*
Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.
1.317.316 21,05% **
ZMR SA (own shares) 1.907.007 30,46%
Others 966.893 15,45% **
Total 6.259.634 100%

* Shareholders Agreement of November 26, 2018 regarding the consistent voting at the General Meetings and conducting a sustainable policy towards the Company – Report 54/2018

**Estimated conversion of the Company made in connection with the redemption on June 28, 2018, 753,000 own shares.

The table above presents the data which Zakłady Magnezytowe “ROPCZYCE” S.A. acquired knowledge of notifications provided in accordance with applicable provisions of commonly applicable law for.

The initial capital of Zakłady Magnezytowe “ROPCZYCE” S.A. is  15.649.085,00 pln and is divided into 6.259.634 of shares with the face value of pln 2,50 each.


Quotations of the shares of ZM “ROPCZYCE” S.A. are given on the basis of data made available by the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Today’s quotations are given with a delay of 15 minutes.

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